Sunday, May 6, 2012

What Can My P2P Domination Skype Course Do for You?

Several months ago, I began offering 30 & 60 minute sessions via Skype on how to dominate the P2P (Pay-to-Play) online voiceover marketplace for new and experienced talent alike. I have been overwhelmed by the response to this course, but in all honesty, at the very beginning, I wondered whether my students would see tangible results and a return on their investment. After all, my accumulated experience and insight may be valuable, but could others translate it into booking work?

After just a few months, I am delighted to watch the success of my students unfold right in front of my eyes, (literally, in the case of those who have booked on Voices.com and seen their names and demos on the front page.) Here are a few recent success stories:

Brady Hales has booked and closed numerous jobs on Voices.com in the few weeks since he took my course, earning glowing feedback from his clients, and becoming a mainstay on the favorites list. Incorporating my auditioning strategies, as well as profile style points, Brady has even bagged a couple of jobs that I auditioned for as well!

Michael Brang took my course only a week ago, and just booked a recurring gig as the "forever" voice of a prominent east coast furniture company, in addition to landing two other P2P jobs this past week. His "likes" and "favorites" rate on Voices.com has increased by 200%, and he cracked the top 10 on the Favorites List on Friday!

Kurt Feldner was almost entirely new to VO before taking my course, and in the month since we worked together he has landed two audiobooks, a video narration project, and is negotiating to voice a series of podcasts. Kurt has seen his ratio of "likes" and "favorites" increase exponentially, and is on his way to carving out his corner of the Pay-to-Play marketplace.

These are just a few of the success stories that I have heard from talent who have invested just 30 or 60 minutes of their time to learn the secrets to conquering the challenging field of P2P voiceover sites.

My course is a structured, point-by-point tutorial on how to leverage your talent, experience, schedule, and business skills to thrive in the P2P voiceover business just as I have. It will save you literally hundreds of hours of trial and error, and the results that my students are achieving make me confident that you, too, will book work after taking my course.

Additionally, I offer complimentary continuing support via e-mail to anyone who completes my course. If you have follow-up questions, or just want some feedback on a demo, I'll be happy to help.

If you are interested in learning more, please contact me at jmichael@jmcvoiceover.com.

References are available upon request, or just contact one of the guys listed above to hear what my course did for them, in their own words.

Here's wishing everyone the very best for a successful May!

J. Michael Collins