Sunday, January 6, 2013

The Rewards of Being a Voiceover Coach

We all enjoy our own personal success as voice talent. Booking work, building a brand, and reaping the gains of our tireless efforts is what this business is all about. For those of us who have hung out our shingle as voiceover coaches, however, watching the incredibly talented people we work with achieve great things is somehow even more rewarding than the success we enjoy ourselves.

In this first post of the new year, I want to bask in the glow of the accomplishments of those I had the privilege of working with in 2012. Have a listen to these folks. Hire them. You won't be disappointed.

First, the ladies....

CHRISTI BOWEN, www.christibowen.com/

Christi has one of the purest, clearest, and most pleasant voices I have heard in a long while. Her career has blossomed over the past year, and she books regularly both online and offline. I also had the privilege of casting Christi for a project after working with her, and she nailed it on the first take. Christi has become a regular on the Voices.com favorites list as more and more voice seekers are paying attention to her exceptional talent and pristine audio. Whether you are looking for a commercial voice that will help your bottom line, or an informative voice for your next e-learning project who will deliver warmth, competence, and authority, you can't go wrong with Christi!

MOE ROCK, www.moerock.com/

In addition to the coolest name in the business, Moe has a spectacular vocal range that makes her perfect for almost any project. A long-time radio professional, Moe has made a name for herself in the voiceover business with her ability and professionalism. There's not much that Moe can't do, and if you are looking for a savvy, experienced professional who will get it right the first time, Moe Rock is your gal!

MARY ANNE CALLAWAY, www.voiceofmac.com/ 

Mary Anne has been such a pleasure to work with. She has a smooth, clear delivery that marries a youthful sound with wisdom and competence. Her narration skills are top notch, whether for training, corporate imaging, children's audiobooks, or complex medical scripts. Mary Anne's ability to nail a challenging script the first time through is stunning. In the past few weeks, Mary Anne has incorporated the skills we have worked on in our lessons to increase her P2P site bookings, and has become a fixture on the Voices.com favorites list. Mary Anne is a quality talent, with a very bright future!

MEREDITH PEIRICK, www.voicesofmeredith.com/

I can't say enough about this young, up-and-coming talent. Every now and then, a voiceover coach encounters a talent who has something extra special, and who is destined for stardom. Meredith is that talent. Her inspired, youthful delivery is one of the most natural I have heard in years. She is simply gifted, delivering commercial reads that make you want to go shopping, and embodying characters so effortlessly that I have found myself smiling from ear to ear the moment she opened her mouth. She is a classically trained actress, and it shines through in her delivery. Few talents I have encountered have Meredith's ability to evoke feeling in the listener, and I have no doubt that Meredith will find success after success in this business. In fact, I have no doubt that I will be casting her regularly in the future.

RACHEL DARLENE, racheldarlene.com/

I love Rachel's description of her voice...."School girl cute, college kid cool, new mom approved." That pretty much sums it up. She is an exceptional professional talent with real commitment to her craft, and is capable of delivering reads across the spectrum. Rachel is a bit of a wunderkind....within days of taking my P2P course, she grabbed the #1 spot on the Voices.com favorites list, and stayed there for days. She has become a permanent resident in the top 5, and as a newly minted Platinum member on both Voice123.com & Voices.com, I expect Rachel will soon have more work than she knows what to do with!

Now, for the gentlemen....

BRADY HALES, www.bradyhales.com/

I think of Brady kind of like Luke Skywalker. After a bit of coaching, and my P2P course, I've been fighting with him for position on the Voices.com favorites list ever since. The student has become the master. Brady has a young, hip, competent, and crisp delivery that makes him perfect for explainers, e-learning, narration, and all sorts of commercial work. He is professional, dedicated, and technically proficient, and it is no surprise at all that Brady now lives in the top 5 on Voices.com, and that I see his face on the Recently Hired list almost every day. This guy is a superstar, and you should hire him right now!

MICHAEL BRANG,  www.mikedoesvoices.com/

Michael was one of my favorite people to work with in 2012. His enthusiasm is only surpassed by his talent, and both are considerable. Michael has a polished, precise delivery that ranges from youthful and cool to powerful and authoritative. Michael takes his work seriously, and the people that hire him always walk away happy with their decision. He has become a permanent member of the Voices.com favorites list over the past year, often in the top 5, and people across the industry are taking notice of his immense ability. I'm looking forward to casting Michael over and over again in 2013!

KEN MAGUDA, www.kenmaguda.com/

Ken has one of the broader ranges of talents with whom I have worked, able to convincingly tackle reads from 25-95. His voice conveys power, strength, intelligence, and urgency, and if you don't believe me, just ask Ellen DeGeneres, whose show hired Ken in 2012! Ken is a consummate professional with both talent and experience, and is also a regular Voices.com favorite. If you want a voice who will move your audience to action, Ken Maguda is your guy!

JASON HUGGINS,  www.therealcoolguy.com/

Jason's tag line is right on. He is a real cool guy! His youthful energy permeates his reads, and you can hear how invested he is in his clients' message as he delivers their copy with character, emotion, and precision. Jason is hip and fresh, with a voice perfect for those Epipheo-style explainers, or to promote your latest gadget. Jason makes regular appearances on the Voices.com favs list because Jason cares about his clients, and makes sure they are always satisfied. Want a cool young voice to sell your product? Hire Jason Huggins!

KURT FELDNER,  kurtfeldner.com/

I loved working with Kurt in 2012. This is one of the nicest, most genuine people you will ever meet, and very talented as well. Kurt has a delivery that is unique and distinguished. Like something from a Ken Burns documentary, Kurt can make a story leap off the page or the screen with his patient, rhythmic voice. He is a painter of audible pictures, and is simply a pleasure to listen to. If you are in search of a narrator who will bring class and dignity to your production, you can't beat Kurt Feldner.


I love seeing the success of the talented people I coach, or those who take my P2P course. This list isn't comprehensive by any means, but watching these ten fine talents achieve success in 2012 has made my year. They are fantastic people, and I highly recommend their services to any and all who would be so lucky as to work with them.

Happy New Year, everyone!

All the best,
J. Michael Collins