Friday, February 22, 2013

Success Stories, and My Voices.com Webinar

Some Great New Success Stories from Former P2P Success Course Students

I love seeing the continued success of some of the superstar alumni of my Pay-to-Play Success Course, like Michael Brang, Brady Hales, (and his wife Elizabeth, who just broke my consecutive days streak at the top of Voices.com's weekly Favorites List, with over two weeks at #1,) Rachel Darlene, et.al.... but it is always rewarding when more recent student talents start to break through. To that end, here's a look at a couple of new success stories....

Andrew Randall, http://andrewrandall.com/ is a talent with a distinguished British voice, and since taking the course in January, he has closed three February jobs on Voices.com, with 5-star feedback all the way, and seen his numbers improve on Voice123.com as well!

Denise Jennings, http://www.voices.com/people/djkewu, just closed her first gig online, also through Voices.com, a couple short weeks after taking my course and upgrading her equipment. Denise has a dynamic and versatile voice honed by years of radio experience, and is now ready to take her VO career to the next level!

Send me an email at jmichael@jmcvoiceover.com to find our more about how I can help you make your mark in the online voiceover industry!

A Fantastic Story


In this article posted by Voices.com's Buzz Weekly, new talent Ken Eastwood discusses his journey into the voiceover business, and talks about the steps he took in order to book his first job. It's a great read!

Want a FREE Taste of the P2P Course that Has Led to So Much Success?

As Ken mentions in his article, I recently teamed up with Ashley Davidson from Voices.com to host a webinar that adapted some of the material from my course to a Voices.com-specific presentation. This hour long chat details some of the finer points of mastering Voices.com, and has already helped many new and struggling talents increase their bookings and their visibility on the site. You can find the webinar here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CU30rbsNUAw

My full course expands upon the points in this webinar, makes them relevant to each individual talent, and of course includes strategies for success on Voice123.com, bodalgo.com, and the other online casting sites as well. Feel free to contact me for more info.

All the best,

J. Michael Collins