Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Talent Profiles: The Joy of Coaching

One of my great pleasures as a voice over professional is having the opportunity to coach and train other extraordinary voices. Whether they are working pros looking to polish certain delivery styles, or new entrants to this exciting business, helping these talents develop their skills, and book work, is one of the most rewarding parts of my job.

Here's a look at some exceptional people I have had the pleasure of working with recently. I hope you will keep them in mind for your next project!

AMY WEIS  amyweis.com

Amy is the original one-take wonder. Her capacity for understanding the content of a script and getting quickly into a well-conceived character is remarkable. Her voice is centered in a wise and professional space, but can easily range from young and bubbly to sexy and sophisticated. With a facility for both commercial work and various narration genres, Amy will bring life to any script.

SAMUEL FLEMING ivoicetoday.com

Samuel's voice defines youthful and fresh. With a style that puts you instantly at ease, while simultaneously capturing your attention, Samuel is able to channel an under-30 sound that resonates with young people from all walks of life. If you are looking for a current and energetic vibe, try Samuel Fleming for your next piece.

KIM HANDYSIDES  kimhandysides.com

Kim is classical quality personified. With a voice as highly tuned and finely polished as they come, she'll surprise you with her ability to transition from familiar tones to a modern conversational style on a dime. Kim owns every script she sees, leaving nothing on the table as she fully invests in making the words seem almost tangible. For guaranteed quality, Kim is hard to beat.

MIKE SCHURKO  voices.com/people/MikeSchurkoVO

Mike is a rising star in the world of VO, with an incredibly bright future. Combining a delivery that is hip, modern, and believable, Mike adds a touch of earnestness and gravitas to selected reads that allow him to compete in almost any genre. One minute, he's telling you about the cool features of the latest smartphone, and the next he is walking you through a tragic scene from World War II, each executed with effortless grace. When your project calls for both class and authenticity, Mike is your guy.

RENA LOVEMAN  voices.com/people/Rena_Loveman

Rena's vocal quality is one of the most unique and marketable I have heard in many years. At her core, she exudes a smoky ferocity that adds intensity and authority to narration pieces, while creating a captivating sensuality for commercials. Highly adaptable to content, Rena can also shift comfortably into a more relatable style that allows her to connect closely with the listener. With a natural ear for delivering a script, and incredible self-direction abilities, Rena is a formidable talent worthy of consideration for any booking.

ROBERT FLEMING  http://teatimevo.com

Robert's voice is extremely current, with an 18-35 year old sound that makes younger audiences pay attention. While he naturally moves through conversational scripts with casual precision, he also has a formality that lends itself well to denser material. Robert has a particular talent for medical narration, able to deliver words with innumerable syllables with the expert confidence of a surgeon. For a young sound that is capable of playful banter and natural authority alike, Robert is an easy call.