Friday, September 18, 2015

The Joy of Coaching 2: More Profiles of Fantastic Talent

Let's take a look at some more incredible artists I have been privileged to work with as a coach and/or demo producer recently. What a pleasure it has been getting to know these superlative performers!

KATHERINE CRUMRINE  kathvoices.com

Kath has a remarkably pleasant voice that lends itself to both classic, polished reads, and the upbeat, conversational style that is trending in today's VO world. Unfailingly articulate, and with the attention to detail of a master, Kath brings equal parts sunshine and authority to whatever she lends her voice to. Kath's pride in her work is demonstrated in every single read, whether for top national brands or the mom and pop down the street; Everyone gets the same 150% effort when working with Kath. For competence and quality, Kath is hard to beat, which is why she is already among the top booking talent in the online casting marketplace.

C.J. MERRITT  cjmerritt.com

From the moment C.J. first read for me I knew I was in for a treat as a coach. One of the blessings of greatness in the voiceover industry is a natural ear for delivery, and the capacity to break down and interpret a script almost instantaneously. C.J. possesses both of these gifts, and he utilizes them expertly to offer reads that are always suited for the material. C.J.'s sweet spot is as the guy next door, but don't let his natural charm fool you, he has the capacity to bring intensity and gravitas when the material calls for it, leaving the listener with goosebumps. For a modern delivery that defines the current VO scene, C.J. is your man.

DANA RIZZO  danarizzo.com

Equal parts sophistication and smile, Dana is right at home telling you about the latest promotion, narrating a cheerful nature documentary, or bringing an amusing explainer video to life with her abundant energy. Dana's background in public speaking has made her a natural as a voice actor, and her devotion to perfection, (even when that means being perfectly casual in a read,) is an asset for any client. Check out Dana's website to hire her for your next project!

KEITH HARRIS  keithharris.net/voice-over

Keith is one of the fastest-rising talent in the business today, and it's no wonder that he has already amassed an impressive client list. With a prestigious career as an opera performer among his many credentials, Keith's inherent talent as an actor shines through in every read. Equal parts youthful vibrancy and earnest intellectualism, Keith's reads slice through the clutter and put the client's story front and center. Current and fresh, Keith offers an incisive sound that makes the listener pay attention, while exuding warmth and trust. The sky is the limit for Keith....have a look at his website and add him to your next project while you can still afford him!

ALEXANA RYER voices.com/people/alexryer

Alexana's competence as a narrator is second to none. During our time working together, she consistently amazed me with her ability to navigate the most complex technical language and medical terminology with the self-assurance of a teaching professor at a major doctoral university. Alexana's voice is warm and reassuring, letting the listener know that they are in safe hands, and imbuing every element of the client's message with credibility. As a commercial actress, Alexana can shine and sparkle with the best, seamlessly transitioning from happy and light to authoritative and even hard sell. If you want it done right, the first time, consider Alexana for your next project.

SARAH GARDNER  sarahgardnertalent.com

Sarah is the kind of talent who makes you smile every time you hear her voice. With a natural instinct for delivery that few can rival, Sarah's polished, professional voice is an exceptional fit for any genre. While she can dial up classic professional reads with the very best of them, Sarah also has a remarkable capacity to pivot on a dime to a more informal and relatable sound that fits perfectly into a market gravitating towards millenials. Often a one-take-wonder, Sarah is a serious pro who would add value to any project. Hear her now by visiting her website!

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  1. Sarah is a wonderful. I have cast her on a few projects of mine and working with Sarah is great. Rick