Sunday, February 21, 2016

The Joy of Coaching: February 2016 Edition

It's time again to take a look at some rising stars I have had the pleasure of coaching to begin the year. I am always amazed by the wellspring of talent out there just waiting to either make their VO dreams come true, or take already existing careers to the next level. These five are a shining example of practice making perfect, and I highly encourage my friends out there on the casting side to give these folks a long look for your next project!

Rick Hoem https://www.facebook.com/VoiceOverPizza/

Rick is one of the most dedicated talent I have ever encountered. Launching his career with a diligence and attention to detail that is a sure path to success, Rick has honed his delivery into a compelling blend of neighborliness and gravitas. Able to pivot deftly between guy next door authenticity and stately narration, Rick has a bright future in the business. If you are looking for a balanced voice to bring your script to life, Rick is your guy.

Susan Bernard http://www.susanbernardvo.com/

An active and well known member of the voiceover community for many years, Susan Bernard's passion for her craft is as fiery as the hair on her head. Blessed with a fountain of natural talent, Susan takes direction exceptionally well, and can adapt her very professional sound to any kind of copy. Susan has a wonderful ear for how a script could sound, and is able to bring both stirring humanity and striking calls to action to the table. Whether you need a classic, polished professional voice, or just the girl next door, Susan Bernard has what it takes.

Alan Adelberg http://www.alanadelberg.com/

Alan is among the most singularly gifted folks I have had the pleasure to work with in quite awhile. From our very first session it was very clear why Alan already had a steady stream of bookings. Throughout his coaching program, Alan demonstrated an easy genuineness that would make any casting director salivate, while still being able to imbue reads with authority and seriousness where called for. Very few of my coaching clients have ever made me work as hard as Alan........because he so frequently nailed his reads on the first take. It was all I could do to keep up! From start to finish, all the way through one of the smoothest demo sessions I have ever directed, Alan Adelberg left no doubt that he will be a force in our industry for years to come.

Heather Foster http://www.heatherfostervoice.com/

Heather's infectious personality is one of the biggest reasons she has already put together a great VO business, So often as a coach, I have to push my talent to smile......not Heather! She brightened the booth from word one, and complements her enthusiasm with a highly marketable sound blending energy and smokiness in a well-rounded package. Heather can do the conversational thing with the best of them, and has an impactful way of injecting a subtle hint of warmth and depth at precisely the right moment. Moreover, under direction she is an absolute sponge, soaking up feedback and never needing to be given the same direction twice. All of this adds up to one thing: A true pro.

Erin Gullage

A Boston girl with big goals and a no-nonsense attitude, it has been a joy watching Erin begin the processing of becoming a professional voice actor. Erin surprised me early on with her natural grasp of copy and intuitive understanding of what works and what doesn't. A fast learner with a distinct and matter of fact voice, Erin has evolved over a short period into a marketable voice actor ready to embark upon a new career. With a website and demos coming soon, keep an eye, (or an ear,) on Erin Gullage, who you will be hearing in the very near future!