Tuesday, July 26, 2016

The Joy of Coaching, Summer 2016 Edition

It's time once again to take a look at some of the fantastic folks I have been working with as a coach recently. Due to time constraints, I only get to keep a handful of talent on my coaching roster at any given moment. It's always such a joy to watch them develop the skills needed to consistently book work, and these examples below are getting ready to take the industry by storm. Hire them now!

JON NOLES, voice123.com/jonnoles

Jon has a warm resonance that evokes equal parts the sophistication of George Clooney, the friendliness of Tim Allen, and the authority of Mike Rowe, with ability to pivot between each on demand. His capacity to inspire confidence and trust is exceptional, and instantly puts the listener at ease. With an acting background and a tremendous ability to adapt to direction, John brings warmth, gravitas, and a trustworthy note to any script he reads.

ERIN FREEL,  erinfreel.com

Erin IS the girl next door. Her voice is like liquid sunshine, filling every read with brightness and smile. With a natural ease that makes the conversational read a breeze, coupled with just a touch of flirty sass, Erin makes the listener want to hear more every time. With remarkable vocal control, Erin can also switch to a more polished and corporate sound on a dime, and bring credibility to any industrial or e-learning project. Erin booked her first job after just four auditions, and you had better hire her soon for your project......before you can't afford her!


Steve's voice reminds me of that friendly dad I used to encounter when dating teenage girls in high school. The kind with a glad hand and an easy manner which suggested that you could become buddies.....but which left no doubt that there was a shotgun in the closet if your behavior called for it. Mixing easygoing charm with Deadliest Catch-style authority, Steve is the voice of reassurance in a crisis. A natural fit for medical, legal, and financial pieces, Steve is also a gifted storyteller with a flair for explainer videos and other fun VO genres. Demos and website details are coming soon! Watch this space!


If you could bottle, "happy," that would be Michelle. Possessing a dynamic vocal range that allows her to read for everything from young adult to grandma, Michelle's versatility and perky personality make for a very bright future. Transitioning effortlessly from genuine and natural to more formal, Michelle goes from sexy to thoughtful to boundless enthusiasm without missing a beat. If you are looking for a voice that will leave your audience smiling, you can't go wrong with Michelle. Demos and website are coming soon! Watch this space!

ROBIN LAREE BERRY, robinlareeberry.com

Robin defines energy. Filled with a lust for life that comes through in every read, Robin's robust speaking style is a fantastic fit for multiple VO genres. From commercial to explainer to industrial, e-learning, telephony, and beyond, Robin offers an articulate and fluid sound that brings class, professionalism, and a bit of bounce to any piece. A pleasure to work with in the booth, Robin's physical and spiritual involvement with every script guarantee that she is always dialed-in. Hire her today!

LEIGHANNE TURNER,  leighannesvoice.com

Leighanne hails from the other side of the pond, (depending upon which side you are on,) based in merry old London, England. A British Voice with the hip, current tones of London's East End, Leighanne has a wellspring of natural talent that few people are blessed with. Her aptitude for script interpretation often left me without comment as a coach....other than a simple, "That was pretty good." She knows how words connect to each other, and can handle the most complex material with ease and alacrity. If you are looking for a U.K. voice that defines being relevant and now, Leighanne is an amazing choice.

I had the pleasure of meeting Rose at the 2016 Midwest Voiceover Conference in Columbus, Ohio. Gracious and humble, I've enjoyed watching and listening as Rose, (who is a poet,) has developed into a capable voice actor. Her ability to walk the listener through a story with wit and charm is top notch, and her friendly and kind voice makes you regret when whatever she is reading comes to an end. Watch this space for demos & Rose's website in the near future!

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