Tuesday, December 13, 2016

The Joy of Coaching, December Edition

The holiday season brings so many reasons to be grateful. As my family and I prepare to celebrate Christmas this year, I'd like to take a look at some of the incredibly talented folks I have had the chance to work with as a voiceover coach and demo producer over the past few months.

ELLIOTT LOWE  www.lowevoice.com

Elliott has one of those voices with the power to actually blow your hair back a little, (which would have been an issue if I had any hair to speak of.) Equal parts Don LaFontaine, Sam Elliot, and Tim Allen, Elliott combines classic rumble with the ability to find conversational tones that paint pictures in the mind. Whether you are looking for a promo to get your heart racing, or a calm, believable voice to tell your audience about your newest investment options, you can't go wrong with Elliott Lowe!

JIM ELLIS www.jimellis.us/voice-over.html

Jim is the consummate guy next door. With a voice age that defies definition, moving easily from late twenties to late forties, Jim has that neighborly presence that casting directors are going gaga over these days. His insightful ability to interpret a script, coupled with tones of credibility and authenticity, make him a perfect solution to the question: "Where do we find someone who just sounds real?"

KRYSTA WALLRAUCH krysta@krystawallrauch.com

Krysta is the definition of the word dynamic. From excitable girl next door, to supermom, to a voice of competence for your e-learning project, Krysta has a smooth but natural sound combined with genuine talent. From day one, Krysta made every script come to life, instinctively knowing where to add emphasis and where to back off. Already consistently working as a professional voice actor, Krysta has just scratched the surface of what will surely be a long and successful career. Hire her now!

ANGEL BURCH www.femalevoicetalent.net

I've really been blessed this year to work with so many naturally gifted talents, and Angel is one of the shining stars of the group. A true actor's actor, she jumps in and out of a myriad of characters in ways that will delight any listener. Highly proficient at classic and polished deliveries, Angel bursts to life even more when she gets to step outside of the corporate and predictable, and become someone else entirely. If you are looking for a finished product that will WOW any of your clients, and a fun time to boot, give Angel a call!

MELANIE GRANFORS voice123.com/melaniegranfors

Melanie is the talent you call when you want it done right the first time. Few coaching clients have ever been one-take-wonders as much as Melanie was during our time working together. Her strong and classic voice can cut right through any mix, taking you from the runways of Paris to the local coffee shop, to a house full of crazy kids, and beyond. An ideal choice for business narration or e-learning, Melanie also has the quintessential TV Narration delivery, bringing a national market presence to anything she touches. If you are looking for a true pro, Melanie is your voice!

ANTHONY POWELL www.anthonypowellinc.com

A former college athlete, vigor and authority define Anthony's sound, with a healthy dollop of competence and authenticity thrown in for good measure. A perfect fit for industrial narration, e-learning, and anything that requires a voice of strength, Anthony also slides comfortably into more casual reads, getting into character and becoming the friendly dad next door. Looking for a voice when your project means business? Anthony is your guy.